Diple, modular methodology and tools for heterogeneous TEI corpora

Digital humanities, TEI, Relax NG, XSL, PHP, CeCILL-C (LGPL)

What is Diple?

Diple is a collection of modular tools, and a methodology, for the publication of XML corpora, which allows a streamlined editorial workflow for each new project.
The logo combines a kleene star (*) and a “diple” (>), a sign from the classical editorial tradition.


Workflow: Publishing XML-TEI Corpora

diple's editorial workflow

Module XREM: Documenting XML Files (Relax-NG, XSL, XML samples)

Selected Features

Diple XSL-Engine

Diple PHP Objects Library

Integrating external research tools

What is a diple ?

A marginal mark of this form >, used by the ancient grammarians to indicate various readings, rejected verses, beginning of a new paragraph, etc. (Oxford English Dictionary, « diple »)

In paleography, a critical mark like a Υ or Λ laid on its side , used as a mark of a paragraph, the change from one speaker to another in a drama, different readings, rejection of a reading, etc. (Century Dictionary, « diple »)

διπλῆ, (διπλοῦς) a marg. mark used by Gramm. (<*>), to indicate vv. Il., rejected verses, etc., and, in dramatic poetry, a new speaker (Liddell Scott, « διπλῆ »)

Signum in libris præsertim Ecclesiasticis ad distinctionem appositum. Vide Isidorum Orig. lib. 1. cap. 20. (Du cange, « DIPLE »)

Gr. διπλῆ (diplè) « ligne double, à deux branches ». Signe formé de deux lignes obliques formant un angle aigu dont la pointe est le plus souvent dirigée horizontalement (IRHT, Ædilis, Lexicon, « diplè »)

Signe (<,>) servant aux critiques grecs à indiquer des variantes dans les vers d'Homère ou à noter des vers suspects, et servant aussi à indiquer les citations des saintes Écritures. (Littré, « diple »).